Finding the Best Family Dentist

by admin on August 10, 2013

Finding the Best Family Dentist

Every family is in search of finding the perfect family dentist. However, for Bend, Oregon residents looking for that ideal oral health care provider, more than one component is involved when trying to find that perfect fit. Things such as insurance, office location and office management are key details to consider when looking for exceptional Bend family dentistry.

Personal Recommendations

As many people know, personal recommendations are obviously the oldest and usually the best rule of thumb. By asking neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members and other acquaintances, every patient should be able to find an office offering high quality Bend Oregon dentistry that will meet the needs of everyone in the family. When asking for personal recommendations, parents and adults should ask questions to make sure all family needs would be met.

Covering the Basics

Studies have shown that professionals can help prevent heart disease with dental cleanings. However, every good Bend family dentistry office will be able to do more than a professional dental cleaning. Above all, it is important that every Bend family dentistry office provide a family-friendly atmosphere. A good family dentist should also be versed in kids dentistry, crown and bridge work, dental bonding, and it will help if the family dentist knows how to fix chipped teeth.

Before the First Visit

Anyone searching for good Bend family dentistry will save themselves a headache by making a phone call and checking a few things before the first visit. Office location, hours and staff flexibility are things that can be answered over the phone. While traveling out of town for a dentist appointment is a stretch for some families, others may find it necessary to meet family needs. However, children’s school schedules and parent work hours must always be compared with office hours for optimal scheduling.

First Visit

After personal recommendations have been collected and an office visit has been scheduled, certain items on a basic check-list will help to make sure the family dentist will become a favorite. Things such as office staff, equipment, and office management should all be carefully considered. Checking to see if the office is clean, if the staff is friendly, and most importantly, if kids like the dentist, are helpful indicators that can ensure the right dentist is chosen.

Online Services

Aside from personal recommendations and family consultations, there are also online services that can come in handy when trying to find a new family dentist. The American Dental Association has many online resources that are ideal for moms or dads searching for solutions. In fact, the ADA and other sources have many online sites that help to find new dentist locations covering both local and state regions.

Community Interaction

For those who really want to make sure that they choose the right Bend family dentistry provider, there are many other details that can be considered to make sure that the dentist chosen is more than qualified. By taking notice of how active a dentist is in the community, patients can gain a better understanding of what is important to their dentist. Basic community interaction such as sports and school sponsorships can be key indicators that a dentist is both family-friendly and an active community resident.

Educational Activity

Also to be taken into consideration when searching for a new Bend family dentist is educational background. College education and further education activity is important to consider. Whether or not a dentist studied close to home or out of state are important factors. Furthermore, if a dentist regularly attends modern conventions and seminars for continuing educational purposes, this will tell a lot about how serious a dentist is about their line of work.

Emergency Policies

Outside of basic office management, it is important to know how a dentist and their staff take care of emergency situations. Does the office open for emergency procedures? What kind of medication and anesthesia is the dentist certified to administer to patients? Who takes care of these situations when the dentist is out of town? All of these are questions that should be asked on a first visit to the office.

Special Needs

Beyond that of emergency policy and office hours, families with children and adults with special needs should make specific details known when at a new Bend family dentistry office.  Dentists and office staff should be asked about what kind of attention and service is provided to patients with special needs. It is important that patients make at least one visit to see how well the dentist handles special needs clients.

Because every family has specific needs, finding the right family dentist is not the easiest task. However, after taking the mentioned tips into consideration, every parent and adult seeking a new Bend family dentistry provider will be sure to find many options. Overall, every family should consult with each other before acquiring new Bend family dentistry. ADA.


Tooth Ache: Causes and Treatment

by admin on May 26, 2013

Almost everyone has suffered from the excruciating pain of tooth ache at one time or another. While there may be many causes for a person having tooth ache, the good news is that by finding a Bend dentist, you will be able to have your tooth ache treated. Bend family dentistry will ensure that you are attended to in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Causes of tooth ache can include cavities or caries, abscesses or gum disease.

Dental Cavities and Abscesses
Dental Cavities are the most common cause of tooth pain. These holes form in the outer two layers of the tooth which are known as the enamel and the dentin. These layers protect the inner tooth tissue and the nerves inside the tooth. Bacteria and saliva which are present in the mouth convert the sugar we eat into acid which creates cavities by eating away at the enamel and dentin layers on the teeth. The easiest way to tell if a person has teeth pain is if they experience severe sensitivity when eating hot or cold food or drinks and sweet foods. If cavities become deep enough, they can become infected. This can lead to the formation of abscesses, which can also be extremely painful.

How Cavities and Abscesses are Treated
When it comes to treating tooth ache caused by cavities, there are a few different options which can be used. Depending on the severity of the cavity, it can range from a dental filling to a Bend Family dentist root canal. Smaller cavities can normally be rectified with either mercury or composite fillings. More serious cavities can be treated either by extracting the tooth or by doing a root canal procedure. Once a root canal procedure has been performed, the tooth will normally require a crown or cap to protect it from further damage. Treatment for abscesses normally involves the dentist giving the patient a course of antibiotic medication along with pain medication.

Gum Disease
Another common cause of tooth ache is gum disease, which is also known as gingivitis or periodontal disease. Gum disease occurs when the gums become inflamed and infected because of toxins released by bacteria in tooth plaque. The first sign of gum disease is normally when the patient experiences bleeding gums without any pain. When gum disease becomes painful, it means that it has reached the advanced stages. Common causes of gum disease include a family history of diabetes or gum disease, poor oral hygiene and smoking.

Treating Gum Disease
Gum disease is normally treated by improving oral hygiene habits and having teeth professionally cleaned and de-scaled by a dentist. In cases of advanced gum disease, more advanced cleaning techniques such as scaling and sub-gingival curettage are required. If gum disease is highly advanced, extraction of some teeth may be necessary.
By making an appointment to see a Bend family dentist for a bi-annual checkup, you should be able to prevent cavities and gum disease from occurring. It is always important to consult with your dentist as soon as you notice that there is something wrong with your teeth..


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