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D r Di Giulio is a Bend Dentist specializing in both Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. She has over 16 years of chair-side experience and is adept at treating all ages in a gentle, kind , and affordable manner. As a special thank you for choosing our practice all patients begin with a $100 New Patient Credit. A family of four saves $400! Professional dental cleanings, clear braces, fix a chipped tooth, dental implant restoration, and much more can be accomplished when your are our patient.

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What You Can Expect from a Bend Dentist at Cornerstone Family Dentistry

Finding a Bend dentist who can take care of your multiple types of dentistry needs can be difficult. Finding a dentist for your entire family can be even more difficult. At Cornerstone Family Dentistry we would be happy to be the Bend dentist for your entire family. When you schedule an appointment with Cornerstone Family Dentistry, you will enjoy a peace of mind from knowing that your family will be in good hands. We offer a range of dental services for the whole family. Bend dentist Dr. Di Giulio will provide an inviting atmosphere for your family. Cornerstone Family Dentistry is dedicated to ensuring that your families needs are met.

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Dr. Di Giulio is a local Bend dentist who is able to serve the entire family. She works with children as young as two years of age as well as their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. We all know that life can become hectic, especially when scheduling multiple family members for various dental appointments. By having a family dentist that not only can treat your whole family but also provide a large range of services can make scheduling easier for you. Bend dentist Dr. Di Giulio is able to perform family dentistry services ranging from a general cleaning all the way to a full mouth restoration. If a member of your family needs any type of cosmetic surgery, we can perform that  as well.

Visits to the dentist can sometimes be equated with negative feelings and anxiety. This can be true especially for small children. Sometimes parents even have a difficult time watching a child when they are upset at the dentist. Bend dentist Dr. Di Giulio provides an environment that allows both the child and parents to be relaxed and have a pleasant experience. She will take care of your family’s needs in the least intrusive way possible. She is great at making children as comfortable as she can in order to help the dental cleaning process go smoothly.

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If you are in need of a Bend family dentist then you should consider scheduling with Dr. Di Giulio. Her dental practice can provide dentistry services for your entire family. You can also expect a friendly and open environment that will help soothe away any negative fears or anxiety. Cornerstone family Dentistry is your one stop Bend dentist for the entire family..

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